An original book for children, 2013

Terms and conditions for grant applications to the
Miroslav Šašek Endowment Fund
(hereafter MŠF or the Foundation,  the endowment fund intends to change its legal form to a standard foundation)

A. Preliminary stipulations

1.Grants are awarded to individuals or legal entities active in the spheres outlined in the charter and statutes of the Foundation.
2.The Foundation makes awards to authors with the aim of assisting the creation of original works that fall within its sphere of activity and interest.
3.The subject area and amount of MŠF funding available for the current calendar year are outlined in Section E of this document.
4.Special grants may also be awarded for projects which do not fall within the subject area(s) announced for a given year. Applications for these special grants are also made using the 'MŠF Grant Application Form', in which event the applicant enters the words 'Non-standard subject area' in the section headed 'Subject area of grant application'.

B. The MŠF Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee of the MŠF is a body elected by the Foundation Board and comprises practising artists, art theoreticians and historians, teachers and active supporters of the MŠF and its work, as well as other individuals whose work and aims coincide with those of the Foundation. The Advisory Committee may include international as well as local members in any number. It may be utilized by the Board as an initial filter in the selection procedure, whereby the Committee nominates works from among the applications received in a given subject and submits them for further consideration and final evaluation by the Board.

C. Conditions for the awarding of grants

1. Grant applications must be submitted to the MŠF by the prescribed deadline and using the specially designated form. Each application must include the title and characteristic features of the proposed work and a brief explanation of why the application is being made, including an estimate of direct expenses incurred by the project, a detailed overview of the applicant's activity and experience to date, and an estimation of the anticipated timescale for completion of the work.  
2. Applications may be made either by single individuals or creative teams from the countries stated in the Terms and Conditions for the grant or, alternatively, by legal entities.
3. Grants are to be utilized for the purposes for which they were awarded, and each award is accompanied by a contract between the recipient and the MŠF which outlines conditions for use of funding as well as the recipient's subsequent obligations regarding the submission of expense accounts.
4. Grants awarded by the MŠF are not transferrable to other individuals or legal entities.
5. Final decisions on awards are made by the Foundation Board following its careful consideration of all applications received. The Board is entitled to appoint groups of experts, as appropriate, to ensure the thorough and fully objective evaluation of those applications. Evaluations may take place in two rounds, preliminary selections being made by the MŠF Advisory Committee where necessary and appropriate.
6. Board members (or experts engaged by the Board) closely related to an applicant may not participate in the grant evaluation procedure.

D. Monitoring of the use of grants awarded by the MŠF
1. Following the Board's final decision, the MŠF and the grant recipient sign a contract detailing the conditions for the awarding and use of the grant.
2. The MŠF reserves its right to reduce the amount of or else demand the return of a grant at any time in the event of the discovery of the recipient's having provided false information or having failed to adhere to the terms of contract.
3. The work produced with the aid of the MŠF grant is to be submitted to the Foundation Board by the deadline stated in the contract and in the manner described therein.
4. Upon receipt of a request by the grant recipient, the Board of the MŠF may make the decision to adjust the work's submission deadline as stated in the original contract.

E. Grant subject areas and creative bursaries for the year 2013

 An original book for children or young readers (text and illustrations)
The MŠF will be offering grants to three author-illustrators – or author-illustrator teams – in no specific order of preference and each to the same maximum value of 100,000 Czech crowns.
Grants may be awarded:
a)in the form of a residence bursary to be taken at one of the Foundation's partner institutions and the reimbursing of those expenses outlined in the application and deemed necessary to take the work to such a stage of completion as to render it presentable to a wider audience;  
b)by way of payment of monthly grant instalments to the account of the grant recipient;
c)through the organization of an exhibition of work produced by the grant recipient, the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the publication of a monograph by the author, or the publication of the selected work.
A grant may also be awarded for a combination of elements from the above (a+b+c), as long as the total budget does not exceed the financial limitations of the single grant award. The final sum awarded is inclusive of VAT.
Applications must include sketches and a mock-up copy or a project outline.
The manner in which a grant is to be used will be specified in greater detail in the contract between the the grant recipient and the MŠF.
The grants are intended for authors from the Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland, Austria, Germany and Hungary.
Deadline for the receipt of applications: 16. 8. 2013
Evaluation of applications to take place by: 31. 10. 2013

F. Operation of Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions were approved by the Board of the MŠF on 21. 4. 2013 and  come into effect as of 22. 4. 2013

Application form  and Terms and Conditions in Download section and here (zip, rar).

The application could be sent to the address:
Stanislav Dvorak
Zelenarska 60
CZ - 390 01  Tabor
Czech republic